Noteworthy News Channel by SUPREMEMASTERTV.COM covers Chaitanya Gurukul Public School in its education news on Jun 9, 2011.

In education news, an Indian boarding school in Bihar State uses Skype to help enhance students’ learning. At the Chaitanya Gurukul Public School in the village of Chamanpura, pupils get extra courses in the evening and on weekends via the free computer online communication program, Skype. A projector allows the class to easily view the lesson. Founder of the school, Mr. Chandrakant Singh, age 36, is committed to providing top-rate schooling to youngsters living in remote areas. One of the students, 12-year-old Pragya Parashar said, “I like these lessons, it helps me understand things better.”

Our sincere appreciation, Mr. Chandrakant Singh and dedicated instructors involved in this wonderful endeavor. May all young people be blessed with loving families and bright opportunities.

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