CGT Overview

Chaitanya Gurukul Trust ( CGT ) is a Non Profitable organization, working towards development of education scenario in remotest part of the world especially underdeveloped state of India like Bihar. What we believe is that if you give an apple to a person he will eat but if you teach him “A” for apple, he will never forget and can earn apple by himself. So our motto is “Jnanam Paramodhyeyam”: meaning knowledge is the ultimate aim and mission is to provide world class education from remotest place.

To achieve this we have opened our first educational institute where there is no electric pole, forget about electricity. This Institute will have world class school, technical collage and R & D facility. Institute will be equipped with latest technology e.g. Wi-Fi campus, online teaching from USA and Bangalore, electronic Board, world class library etc. It will nurture talent into all-round excellence, producing not just technocrats or professionals but genuine visionaries and principle leaders.

The trustee members are Non Resident Indian (NRI)/Non Resident Bihari (NRB) and are located all over the world e.g. USA, Bangalore, Delhi etc. They are having experience for working in multinational and multicultural team. Their mission is to make this Gurukul as best educational institute in the world and create an example for others to follow. Please come and join us to change Bihar and bring to its original glory like Nalanda, Patliputra etc.