Meaning of Chaitanya

Chaitanya means pure Consciousness, the cosmic intelligence. Chaitanya, is thus the invisible essence of human intelligence, the cosmic root of monadic individuality, and the cosmic intelligence-force which is the intrinsic or essential consciousness behind and within individuality.

Bihar or ancient Magadh, was a cradle of Indian civilization and the center of Indian culture and education. Today it is the least developed state of modern India. Chaitanya Gurukul’s over all aim is to energize the consciousness of Bihar, chaitanya of Bihar. Today most of the schools and colleges are limited to maximizing academic performance in examinations. While the objective might be somewhat important, they fall short of education’s larger societal aims. Chaitanya will nurture talent into all-round excellence, producing not just technocrats or professionals but genuine visionaries and principles leaders. We will do this with a sense of purpose and urgency. Our inspirations are ancient universities of Bihar – Nalanda and Vikramshila..

Chaitanya stands for pure consciousness, the consciousness that knows itself and knows others. Thus Chaitanya will strive to strengthen our multi-culture heritage and create space for diverse world views.